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SA Clan

UNSF Clan! -Your choice, Your game!- Join now! TAKE THE CHANCE!!

dayz standalone dayz sa mod clan recruitment good server

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#1 unsfkevin



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  • DayZ Name:UNSF Kevin

Geschrieben 26 September 2014 - 14:54 PM

We are an international DayZ clan that is called United Nations Special Force!
We stand for justice in DayZ because there are too many bandits and newbies whose life is affected by the accident, without the help ..
EXACTLY why we are here!
We are a German, but also English-speaking communities, with the majority of English people are, therefore would benefit from the knowledge of English.
What exactly are we doing?
- Help bambies and give them support
- We are strictly against killing and bandits
- We will do what needs to be done ...
- We are a fair community and are social
- We Protect players from there enemies / bandits
- We try to deal with threats by talking first
Requirements TO YOU!
-. Least 15 years old (we want it that way, sorry)
- You must be very focused in DayZ standalone
- You may NOT use HACKS and must be socially
- Know thyself in DayZ fairly and know your enemy
- Be fair to other
- No racism !!!
- Be able to work in team
- Good knowledge of English
What you can expect ??????
-An Own TeamSpeak
-soon A FORUM !!!! (Coming soon !!!)
-PRIVATE SERVER SQUAD !!! (Free with about 40 slots)
The OWN - Server IP server advertising is not allowed, note the rules!
- An international dedicated team!
If so, then was in the process of the United Nations Special Force occurs at
and become part of a cool community and competition now!

#2 fereinler



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  • DayZ Name:Fereinler

Geschrieben 26 September 2014 - 15:29 PM

Hi guys,

i've been playing DayZ for a while now, but I never played with some others before. Thats why i wanted to ask if i could join you clan.

Informations about me:

-Im 23 years old
-i come from Austria
-my real name is Martin
-my ingame name is Fereinler
-i don't speak very good english xD (you might noticed that =))

-i dont have TS3 at the moment but i can download it if its necessary!

If you like what you read please it would be nice if you send me a message back


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