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DE1 Origins closing down

DE1 AltisLife

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#1 spielfuehrer



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Geschrieben 30 December 2013 - 22:14 PM

Moin ladies,

wollte durchgeben das am 06.01.2014 der DE1 abgeschaltet wird. Er gehört nicht zu den Servern die sich beim Spieler sterben in Origins durchgesetzt haben. Ein paar von unserer Hello Kitty Crew sind jetzt auf dem Hungry Gamers unterwegs, falls Ihr lust habt uns zu begleiten.

Wenn die Serverfiles released werden, wird es wieder einen Communityserver geben.

Bis dahin, Happy Fraggin!
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#2 Fraiden


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Geschrieben 30 December 2013 - 22:21 PM

Für einige bestimmt sehr schade dass der server down geht, vorallem die grösseren clans.
Die standalone hat leider viele mod spieler angezogen.

#3 Reboot


    CEO and Founder

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Geschrieben 30 December 2013 - 23:32 PM

Zusätzlich das die SA viele Spieler abgezogen hat kommt auch noch dazu das Origins im allgemeinen immer mehr und mehr stirbt weil die keine Files veröffentlicht haben bis jetzt.

#4 matthias0136



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Geschrieben 30 December 2013 - 23:52 PM

glaubt ihr im erst die werden das noch tun?

#5 Fraiden


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Geschrieben 31 December 2013 - 00:42 AM

Origins stirbt nur für die, die damit geld verdienen möchten nicht für die spieler. Sobald der hype um die standalone wieder abgeflacht ist werden die origins server wieder voll sein.

Fakt ist dass die entwickler der origins mod ein unehrliches geschäft betreiben und sich eine goldene nase verdienen.

Die mod ist gut wie sie ist und bin auch dafür dass die files nie veröffentlicht werden weil sie dann wie alle anderen mods gewöhnlich wird.

Aber das ist ein anderes thema.

#6 Edda-85



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Geschrieben 01 January 2014 - 20:16 PM

Beitrag anzeigenFraiden sagte am 31 December 2013 - 00:42 AM:

Sobald der hype um die standalone wieder abgeflacht ist werden die origins server wieder voll sein.

Sehe ich auch so

#7 Ende



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Geschrieben 06 January 2014 - 11:23 AM

Sehr schade...ich mochte den DE1...wir haben dort tolle Sachen erlebt...schade schade...R.I.P.  :rolleyes: B)

#8 WilieEnfop



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Geschrieben 29 October 2017 - 01:10 AM

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Taylor Swift is in a one-way feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Taylor has put Kim and Kanye in her crosshairs in her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do," comparing them in the music video to Brutus who backstabbed Julius Caesar. Our Kim and Kanye sources say their well-publicized feud -- triggered by Kanye's song "Famous" in which he referenced Taylor with the lyric, "I made that bitch famous" -- is old and buried. As for Kanye, our sources say there are certain feuds he deeply cares about ... like the one in which he's embroiled with Jay-Z and Tidal. As one well-connected source put it, "They're like brothers who fight but feel bad about it and always end up coming together." Taylor, on the other hand, isn't even on his radar.
After months of theories and speculation, the top secret horror movie Mother! has finally arrived in cinemas, revealing that much of what we thought we knew about the film has been slightly incorrect. And that the filmтАЩs premise was also somewhat blindly in front of us this whole time. тАЬIt depicts the rape and torment of Mother Earth,тАЭ she said. тАЬItтАЩs not for everybody. ItтАЩs a hard film to watch. But itтАЩs important for people to understand the allegory we intended. That they know I represent Mother Earth, Javier, whose character is a poet, represents a form of God, a creator; Michelle Pfeiffer is an Eve to Ed HarrisтАЩs Adam, thereтАЩs Cain and Abel and the setting sometimes resembles the Garden of Eden. тАЬFor Darren to take these massive biblical themes and condense them into a narrative about a house and a couple I think is just brilliant. I have never heard of anything like it.тАЭ
Kevin Hart opened up about cheating last year, and said he wouldn't do it ... not because it's wrong, but because the chances are he'd get caught. It's pretty stunning in the wake of Kevin's claim he's being extorted over video showing him and a woman getting super cozy and another video which makes it appear a sexual encounter is about to go down.  Quick to point out ... in the prelude to sex video you don't see Kevin. Hart told The Breakfast Club in January, 2016, social media combined with thots makes cheating a sexual form of Russian Roulette. As we reported, Kevin has contacted cops claiming someone has tried to extort him with the video.  He's not denying its him in some of the various clips.
"American Idol" has backed itself into a corner, because it might need to delay taping until it lands more judges ... but that doesn't work for the only judge it's got so far -- Katy Perry. Our 'Idol' sources tell us ... Thursday is the last stop for the show's tour bus auditions, and it's just weeks away from the planned taped auditions with the judges. Problem is -- producers are no closer to locking down stars to join Katy on the panel. So the dilemma is simple and serious -- if the show's forced to postpone filming, it will likely conflict with Perry's Witness tour schedule producers worked so hard to accommodate in the first place. Adding to the dilemma ... 'A.I.' still hasn't signed desired judge #2, Luke Bryan. We're told he wants more money, and the Disney perks he was offered instead of cash didn't cut it. 'Idol's' no closer to landing the 3rd judge.
Katy Perry dodged a Taylor Swift bullet at the VMAs -- even though she's hosting the show -- 'cause she was nowhere to be seen during the TV debut of T. Swift's new music video. Katy ducked out from introducing Taylor's new single "Look What You Made Me Do" Sunday during MTV's award show ... managing to steer clear of any mention of Taylor once it ended. The show came out of commercial and went right into Taylor's video with just a generic PSA on the monitors at the Forum. Afterward, "Blackish" star Yara Shahidi came onstage to introduce a performance for Shawn Mendes. Through it all  ... Katy made herself scarce.
Katy Perry didn't need an Uber to get to Saturday night's Ed Sheeran concert in L.A. ... she got a lift from ex-BF Orlando Bloom. Looks like the break is over for the ex-couple who attended Sheeran's concert at the Staples Center ... the first time they've been spotted out since calling it quits in March after a year of dating. Katy said the breakup was amicable and she's been linked to other guys, namely Rob Pattinson with whom she had dinner with last week.

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#9 WilieEnfop



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Geschrieben 06 November 2017 - 11:26 AM

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Daniel Cormier says there's still a ZERO percent chance he ever becomes friends with Jon Jones ... but is actually pleading with people to take it easy on his UFC rival. D.C. joined the guys on the "TMZ Sports" TV show on FS1 to talk about the backlash Jones has been getting after his failed UFC 214 drug test ... and while he doesn't ever wanna be buds, Cormier says the critics need to look at the bigger picture. "When people are at their complete lowest, you gotta be careful with kicking them, because that's when stuff goes much bigger than sport," Cormier says. "This dude has a family to worry about, and I mean ... God, man. What if this guy goes off the deep end? And then he's not there in the most important situations in life."
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was off the mark in his scathing critique of "The Bachelor," because love blossoms the same way on TV as it does in real life ... so says a contestant. We got "Bachelor in  Paradise" star Jared Haibon -- who's been on 2 seasons of "BIP" and 1 season of "The Bachelorette" -- and he says the idea that people aren't their true selves on the reality shows mirrors what happens with everyone on a date  ... they put on a good but sometimes false face. Jared's got a point ... but it seems like Kareem was getting at something a lot deeper than being phony for the cameras. Kareem rails on the shows, saying it portrays "cartoonish physical and mental restrictions" on relationships. He also comes close to calling the shows racist, saying, "If you're black ... you're usually kept around as a courtesy for a few weeks before being ejected."
This is a cool shot ... Kareem Abdul-Jabbar personally greeting LeBron James as he jogged through the tunnel after Thursday night's playoff blowout ... and LeBron was all smiles.  KAJ was on hand at Quicken Loans Arena as the Cavs stomped all over the Raptors to take Game 2 over the Eastern Conference Finals. He's clearly a fan of the team. It's even more interesting considering the Cavs have won 10 straight playoff games -- 1 game shy of passing Kareem's '88-'89 Lakers, which won 11. Bottom line -- ya gotta watch this clip, it's a pretty special moment between two NBA legends.
Kim Zolciak got her wish -- her whole family went to a John Legend show and even got to meet him ... and her daughter didn't have to put out. You may recall ... Kim joked with John's wife Chrissy Teigen earlier this month that her daughter Brielle would trade oral sex for VIP access. Some of her followers got upset -- but Kim told us it was an innocent JK. Kim and Chrissy clearly don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks. Also, the joke worked ... Kim's son Kash -- who's a huge Legend fan and is recovering from an operation -- got to meet the musician with the whole fam. Brielle was also down with it ... you'll excuse the expression.
Kevin Hart was feelin' it Friday night at Usher's Vegas concert. Kev was showing off his moves with wife Eniko Parrish during the charity concert for HartBeat at the Cosmopolitan on the Strip. It's the 4th annual festival, held during Labor Day Weekend, featuring comedy shows including a set by Dave Chappelle. Kevin is the driving force behind HeartBeat, which benefits charities that work to improve the quality of life for children who have been diagnosed with cancer.

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#10 WilieEnfop



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Geschrieben 06 November 2017 - 11:29 AM

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Jon Jones is DONE as a competitive fighter. Finished ... this according to Skip Bayless, who says it absolutely breaks his heart. The FS1 star says he's gotten to know Jones through appearances on "Undisputed" -- and tells TMZ Sports news of JJ's positive steroids test crushed him. "How can that guy be either so stupid, or so flawed, and ultimately so shockingly insecure, that you have to resort to steroids or whatever the PED was -- or any kind of drug?" "He's just like a flawed human, but he's got so much potential. He's such a likable, nice guy." In his parting message to Jones, Skip offered some tough love.
Kevin Hart's wife, Eniko, took her Dobie to the animal hospital Sunday night in L.A., in the wake of the sexually explicit video showing her husband in a provocative situation. Eniko hasn't been seen since Kevin posted a video apologizing to his pregnant wife and kids for getting himself in such a "situation." She's wearing her wedding ring ... in fact, in the photo she may be making a point of it. TMZ broke the story, Kevin says someone has tried extorting him for 7 figures over the video, which shows Kevin cozying up to a woman. The tape also shows a naked man in a bedroom who definitely looks like him.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar says parents like LaVar Ball are bad for college basketball -- because they're turning the NCAA into a "huckster show." KAJ was expressing his disdain for 1-and-done college players during an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic when he specifically went in on Lonzo Ball's father. "Everybody knows about his sons because he has been able to hype them. But I don't think that's good for college basketball." He continued, "College basketball is starting to look like a ... it doesn't look good. It looks like it's a huckster show. And that bothers me, you know. You have people going those lengths to promote their kids. I don't get it. "
Kanye West let his shirt do the talking Friday and the target was clearly Taylor Swift. Kanye hit up Nobu in Malibu with some buds, wearing a tee emblazoned with the words, "She's beyond Good and Evil." So the question ... Who else? Of course it's Taylor, who took aim at Kanye in her song, "Look What You Made Me Do." Kanye has said he doesn't care what she sings and their feud is ancient, but this seems pretty premeditated. Old feuds die hard, right?

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#11 tolikkk



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Geschrieben 12 March 2018 - 14:06 PM

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