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DayZ Origins 1.7.7 - Release Notes - Coming next week!

DE1 AltisLife

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#1 spielfuehrer



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 04:56 AM

DayZ Origins massive update brings Post apocalyptic city of Novistrana, Near death experience to DayZ .

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Welcome to Origins 1.7.7 : The Republic of Novistrana, the latest instalment to DayZ Origins. Many months have passed, and the harsh cold from winter has released its grip on Novistrana, a once heavily populated city now beginning to decay like the corpses that litter the streets. Two predominant factions have formed from the few survivors that are left and tensions are growing high. Mayor George and the select few in Salvation City have continued to amass stockpiles of supplies at the expense of those surviving beyond their walls. Meanwhile Professor Vlad, an associate of Dr. Ivan is using his knowledge to help survivors, there are even rumours of developing a vaccine for the infection. Will you find Professors Vlads camp and make use of his new inventions or take your chances with Salvation City? The choice is yours.

Mayor George is sparing no resources to protect salvation city, Insider information from the last Survivors camp indicate that Professor Vlad is preparing to raid the city using his new secret invention..

“No matter what Vlad’s plans are ... We are ready to stop those pathetic bandits “ Said Mayor George in his last speech addressing the elite Residents of Salvation City ( Sector B )

“We will continue to raid the main lands to find his hidden camp and eliminate all those who help him “ he added.

somewhere in Novistrana at the survivors camp, Rumor has it that Professor Vlad has found a working cure of the infection. Before he disappeared, Vlad was convinced that he finally found a working vaccination and the cure of the infection. did it work ? or something went wrong no one really knows.

Before he disappeared, he sent two groups of survivors equipped with special Radio Devices, able to detect electronic signals and radio frequencies broadcast-ed from the lost cargo units from Flight T353.

Flight T353 was the last civilian aircraft that the skies of Taviana and the Republic of Novistrana have seen when the outbreak occurred.

The last transmission of the pilot indicate that the cabin crew started attacking each other. The airport authorities in both countries of Taviana and the Republic of Novistrana refused to grant landing permission to the pilot knowing that there were infected onboard.

Desperate and running out of fuel and unable to contain the situation of the infection spreading among the cabin crew and the passengers, the pilot unloads and drops its cargo while flying over both countries of Novistrana and Taviana to minimize weight and save fuel.

The passenger aircraft was never seen again.. but it is believed that its cargo contained a very important shipment of electronic devices and equipments that were planned to be delivered to the university of science of Novistrana to be used in research and development department.

Professor Vlad believes that this shipment and its cargo contained essential equipment needed to complete his “Secret invention“ .

Vlad last words before he disappeared were “Today We Make History. Today we save humanity, with this vaccine and cure we will bring an end to the apocalypse.” did he succeeded or not .. it is for you to find out.

Release Notes.

As many know that we are introducing Origins 1.7.7 with many new twists, challenges, new game mechanics, and most importantly the newly post apocalyptic Country, the Republic of Novistrana.

We have decided to release big portion of the map to insure that we are more focused into making it is bug free , more polished instead of releasing the full map full of breaking legs bugs and flying buildings. so based on may of the community feedback and suggestions we have decided to release a big portion of the map now, focus on fixing any bugs, polishing it then continue the rest of the map in future updates.

Professor Vlad Inventions: Mega machines, deadly silenced weapons and much more :

Read manual to learn how to perform repairs and advanced actions.

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The VDFF is one of Professor Vlad inventions built to help the remaining survivors to live away from the dangers of the infection, and have a chance to defeat the salvation city army ( Sector B ) and to settle in the wall protected island.

Flying Fortress is built to fly and settle for days in the sky and provide a safe home with food and supplies for the survivors, Designed to endure severe damage and become a safe home in the heavens for the survivors, with all the firepower and safety elements implemented to the FF to insure it never goes down..Yet it is still far from being invincible if you know its weak points and secrets of the design.

Unfortunately, Professor Vlad never had the sufficient equipment and parts to completely build it, it is up to you to continue constructing the FF.

VDFF in its structure was designed as a flying camp with sleeping and storage tents,vehicle garage and transportation, fortified with machine guns and plenty of space to move and take cover if being shot at., you can also move freely while in the sky ( if the FF is in the settle hovering mode) and shoot from the corners or behind sandbags.

Keep in mind that that the FF. requires lot of maintenance, the hover computer is your best friend while taking off and landing due to its massive size and weight, your crew can walk in the FF. while in the sky, and perform maintenance and repairs if required.

FF have 4 main engine cabins, they are very powerful and complex in design, built to lift heavy weight of the flying fortress in addition to the storage capacity plus any vehicles it is carrying.

As the captain the flying fortress you need to make sure all systems are properly functioning otherwise there could be safety issues.

If you engaged in heavy fights , As soon as you see smoke coming out from one of your engine cabins or the alarm started screaming, send your crew immediately to check its status, insure that the cabin components are on green or in yellow .. red means serious safety issue., the engine might break down while in flight , if hydraulics and computer chips are damaged , pilot may find the FF less responsive to flights controls .

If you hear the Alarm.( even if FF. is still flying, it means..Something is seriously wrong with your flying home and you need to land it and repair it in the nearest opportunity.

Yet the FF consists of and designed to fly and be controlled by one main navigation and control compartment which controls 4 main engine cabins, The flying fortress is still able to fly safely even if the crew loses an entire engine cabin however it becomes slower, heavier and harder to control over time.

If you lose additional engine cabin (depending on which one and its position) you might lose balance completely or partially - your might be able to fly with more skills and control to keep the FF in the air and avoid collision.

If you lose 3 Engine cabins, it means you must find a way to land, the Flying Fortress is for sure going down, try to use the calibration computer for assistance or just use your flying skills to avoid direct crash, depending on many factors, altitude, speed , surface you might still survive the crash and save the FF from getting completely destroyed.

Read manual to learn how to perform repairs and advanced actions

* Survivors Interactions :

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Survivors interactions can bring way out to life or brutal kidnapping and death.
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Friendly ? Really ? ... Proof it.

Survivors now can choose to lay down their weapons or Surrender to proof they are not aggressive.

Survivors can choose to surrender to avoid being killed and lose all their gear.

Survivors are now able to Tranquilize and kidnap players and looting their gear instead of killing them. ( You must have MiniVH crossbow loaded with Tranquilizer bolts "new weapon", "New item " )

Survivors can choose to tie ( using ropes "new item ") other surrendered / Tranquilized players.

Survivors are now able to try to escape captivity by trying to untie themselves ( random chance ) , or cut the ropes if they have knife in their tool belts (90 % can escape )

New set of camp elements and new building mechanics. - more info here
Read this post for more info about new blueprints and new items tutorials.

Deadly silenced weapons and much more .

Posted Image

Posted Image
Mini VH

used for silently kill zombies or for self defense.

Steel Bolts
Posted Image
used for silently kill zombies or for self defense.

Tranquilizer Bolts
Posted Image
Used to Tranquilize Survivors
Posted Image
Epi Bots
Instantly awakes fainted or tranquilized Survivors.

Massive Area Dmg, perfect for killing multiple zombies, effective in close quarters.

Armor piercing Kalashnikov
Self explanatory, Fast and accurate, low recoil when utilizing the grip.

Stronghold barracks updated.


Tribe / Clan members are now able to choose Different outfits for their clan members by accessing the Barracks
5 Male Clan outfits
1 Female Clan outfit. ( more to be added in future builds )

S.A.S.F 4.2

Read this post for more info.

Survivors Camp : Home of professor Vlad

Hidden locations / 1800 new loot spawn points .

Dynamic Rare loot spawns : Read this post for more info- Rare loot now dynamically spawns in random locations.


Abandoned old Bunkers now spawn rare loots items. - 50 % chances using the new Dynamic rare loot system.

Preliminary change log.


* GPS not working on map Fixed.

* Fixed map coordinates.

* Shiny roads issue on Taviana Island Fixed.

* Blurry segments of roads on Taviana Fixed.

* Appearing inside tent/house after sleeping inside and re-logging-in to the server issue fixed.

* Khrushchevka block houses textures improved.

* Female ghillie suit backpacks removed.

* Cannot see gun sights in female ghillie suit issue Fixed.

* Road light reflector poly count reduced by 50% to improve performance.

* Misplaced objects in Lyepestok police station Fixed.

* Capri 69, windshield appearing with side window when in 1st person view issue Fixed.

* Capri 69 issue where 7th passenger appears under the vehicle Fixed.

* Capri 69 cannot cross bridge issue Fixed.

* Scrap Bus sounds fixed.

* Scrap Bus repaired wheels fixed.

* Missing textures on shop in Martin Fixed.

* Missing geometry on shop in Martin Fixed.

* Not being able to land helicopter on roof of Martin shop issue Fixed.

*Geometry issues in Houses that could be walked through in Seven area fixed.

* Ability to walk through the wall in the race track seat stand fixed.

* Bridges damaging vehicle wheels in Sabina issue Fixed.

* Police station windows could not be shot through issue Fixed.

* Ability to hide inside advertising column on streets issue Fixed.

* Not being able to fire tough bar building windows issue Fixed.

* Not being able to shoot trough school windows issue Fixed.

* Not being able to land helicopter on ships issue Fixed.

* Ability to walk through bus depot walls in Lyepestok Fixed.

* Ability to tip over road barricade and hide inside issue Fixed.

* Ability to crawl in to hospital walls issue Fixed.

* Car wrecks have been optimised to improve performance.

* Various performance tweaks.

* Trash on Lada 2105 roof disappearing in distance issue Fixed.

* Bandit Level 3 house garage not appearing in every different settings issue Fixed.

* Houses flashing black issue Fixed.

* Reinforcement material standing bad and too flat issue Fixed.

* Tower removed on the Titanic to allow for better mobility.

* Zombies not able to walk through concrete in Branibor issue fixed.

* Loot items spawning badly rotated and out of place issue Fixed.

* convex component .rpt error messages in oil rigs issue Fixed.

* convex component .rpt error messages in Martin shopping centre issue Fixed.

* Not being able to destroy wheels on scrap bus issue Fixed.

* Scrap Bus issues and blances Fixed.

* House names too long, preventing amount of space in inventory from being seen Fixed.

* Stronghold name too long, preventing amount of space in inventory from being seen Fixed.

* Some Vehicle names too long, preventing amount of space in inventory from being seen Fixed.

* Helicopter jumping when landing on shop in Martin issue Fixed.

* Backpacks removed from female ghillie suits to reduce visibility.

* Female skins improved to reduce visibility. (Will be continually improved in future patches).

* Inventory GUI improved to make items easier to see.

* Backpack inventory background improved to improve visibility of items and slots.

Added / New

* New Republic of Novistrana. ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added Tons of new enterable buildings. ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added/New functionality Radios. ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added OriActions : New Player interactions module ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added OriConstructions 0.7 - New building mechanic for new elements ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added Construction excavator vehicle.

* Added NDE’s (Near Death Experience) effects -( Read release notes for more info )

* Added Professor Vlad Mega machine invention. ( Read release notes for more info )

* Updated S.A.S.F 4.2 - Sector B ( Read release notes for more info )

* Updated OriZombie 1.2

* Added : VH20/25 Crossbow ( Read release notes for more info )

* Added : MiniVH Crossbow - Multiple Bolts types. ( Read release notes for more info )

* New loot spawn positions / New loot spawn positions on roofs added.

* Added 48 slot Explorer backpack.

* Added civilian handbags and backpacks. ( different slot sizes )

* Added female handbags and backpacks.( different slot sizes )

* Added Adventurer backpack added (56 slots).

* Burning Smoke and destroyed rotors on helicopters when damaged.

* Improved turning in the scrap bus.

* New Female zombie sounds added.

* New Mutated creatures added- attacks both Zombies and Humans.

* New : Ability to construct 3 types of fences.

* New : Buildable watchtower added.

* Ability to switch between pilot, passenger and gunner in helicopters whilst flying.

* New ZX76 shotgun added.

* New Armor piercing camouflaged Kalashnikov added.

* Changed Spawn locations for Helicopters / Boats to more remote locations.


Quelle: Gamersplatoon
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#2 Grafzahl



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 09:15 AM

Das wird episch ^^... ich mags wie Origins zumindest an einer Story festhält... bin nur mal gespannt wie sie das jetzt mit Novistrana und Taviana verbinden wollen, einfach dranklatschen dürfte für Mega-Ladezeiten und weniger Spieler-Kontakt führen.
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#3 OutOfOrder



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 09:29 AM

mal nen richtiger einblick wie die map dann auch aussieht

#4 Grafzahl



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 09:35 AM

Ok, die neue Insel is jetzt doch nicht so groß wie ich erwartet hatte ^^
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#5 OutOfOrder



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 09:50 AM

abwarten wie es wird

#6 Grafzahl



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 10:00 AM

Ich meine nur sie hatten was von 200km² neuer Fläche erzählt... so wie es jetzt kommt isses ja voll Ok, zu viel Landmasse bringt in Arma nix wenn auf einem Server eh nur 50 Leute gleichzeitig flüssig Spielen können.
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#7 Steppl



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Geschrieben 12 October 2013 - 10:13 AM

Ist ja auch nur ein Teil der neuen Insel ;) Der Rest wird mit kommenden updates hinzugefügt.

#8 Bela


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Geschrieben 13 October 2013 - 01:26 AM

Laut DayZ Commader kann man 1.7.7 jetzt downloaden!
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#9 useralt



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Geschrieben 17 October 2013 - 08:21 AM

Na super..... und ich bin auf Dienstreise.klasse... Zwei Wochen kein DayZ.
und.. will man mal ins Forum rein.. www.Dayzfoum.net klicken. Duschen gehen wiederkommen und die Seite ist offen Yeah.  :-(
" Kein Mann bleibt zurück "

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